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Biology of Parasitism
Biology of Parasitism: Modern Approaches

Directors: Kirk Deitsch, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Gary Ward, University of Vermont

Course Date: June 20 - August 9, 2014
Online Application Form, Deadline extended to February 7, 2014
2013 Lecture Schedules (PDF) Weeks 1-2 | Weeks 3-4 | Weeks 5-6
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A unique course for advanced graduate students, postdocs, and independent investigators, who are seeking thorough training in modern approaches to the study of protozoan and helminthic parasites. Limited to 16 students.

The focus of this course is on the molecular basis of parasite function and the host/parasite interaction with special emphasis on the most recent and exciting developments in these areas. The course consists of daily lectures juxtaposed with intensive experimental work. About 40 invited speakers will give a lecture in their area of expertise and meet informally with students. These lectures will cover virtually all of the systems and areas of active research in modern parasitology. The laboratory portion of the course strikes a balance between ensuring that students acquire the technical expertise necessary to pursue these areas of research in their own careers while maintaining the element of the search for the unknown. Furthermore, the students will have the opportunity to work side-by-side at the benchtop with faculty recognized as leaders in their respective fields. The following areas are among those to be covered in the experimental portion of the course: (1) antigenic variation and cytoadherence in malaria; (2) vector biology: Anopheles mosquitos and phlebotomine sandflies; (3) immunology and pathogenesis of protozoan and helminthic infections and (4) African trypanosome and Toxoplasma host parasite interactions and cell biology.

This course is supported with funds provided by


Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Wellcome Trust

2013 Course Faculty & Lecturers:

Artis, David, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Bates, Paul, Lancaster University
Billker, Oliver, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Catteruccia, Flaminia, Harvard School of Public Health
Duraisingh, Manoj, Harvard School of Public Health
Elmendorf, Heidi, Georgetown University
Engwerda, Christian, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Gould, Sven, Heinrich-Heine University
Heussler, Volker, Institute of Cell Biology
Hill, Kent, University of California Los Angeles
Huston, Christopher, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Jenkins, Marc, University of Minnesota
Johnson, Patricia, University of California Los Angeles
Lebrun, Maryse, CNRS University
Levashina, Elena, MPI for Infection Biology
Macdonald, Andrew, University of Edinburgh
Pepper, Marion, University of Washington
Raper, Jayne, Hunter College
Roditi, Isabel, University of Bern
Roos, David, University of Pennsylvania
Sacks, David, NIAID NIH
Scott, Phillip, University of Pennsylvania
Sher, Franklin, NIAID NIH
Sibley, L., Washington University
Sinnis, Photini, The Johns Hopkins University
Soldati-favre, Dominique, University of Geneva
Strand, Michael, University of Georgia
Tachezy, Jan, Charles University
Tarleton, Rick, University of Georgia
Taylor, Terrie, Michigan State University
Tschudi, Christian, Yale University School of Public Health
Wilson, Emma, University of California Riverside
Zaph, Colby, University of British Columbia

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