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Friday Evening Lecture Series

Lillie Auditorium, 8:00 PM. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Date: Event:
06/23/06 Sarah W. Bottjer, University of Southern California - "Neural Strategies for Learning During Sensitive Periods of Development"
06/30/06 Lang Lecture - Cori I. Bargmann, The Rockefeller University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute - "Genes, Behavior, and the Sense of Smell"
07/07/06 Porter Lecture - Susan Wente, Vanderbilt University Medical Center - "The Dynamics of Nucleocytoplasmic Transport and Nuclear Pore Complexes"
07/14/06 Distinguished Alumni Lecture - Clare M. Waterman-Storer, The Scripps Research Institute - "Microscopes and Motility: Systems Integration in Directed Cell Migration"
Forbes Lectures - Huda Y. Zoghbi, Baylor College of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute - 7/20: "Genetic and Biochemical Approaches to Polyglutamine Neurodegenerative Disorders"; 7/21: "Rett Syndrome and Related Disorders: Where Genetics Meets Epigenetics"
07/28/06 Glassman Lecture - Marlene Belfort, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health - "Gene, Interrupted" Introns and Inteins in Evolution, Biotechnology, and Medicine"
08/04/06 Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University - "From Transplantation to Translation: Stem Cells in History"
08/11/06 Linda A. Deegan, Marine Biological Laboratory - "Disappearing Streams: The Hidden Casualty of Deforestation in the Amazon"
08/18/06 Helen M. Blau, Stanford University School of Medicine - "Nuclear Reprogramming by Cell Fusion"

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