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Friday Evening Lecture Series

Lillie Auditorium, 8:00 PM. Lectures are free and open to the public.
Speaker abstracts and biographies will be posted as they become available.

Speakers for the Friday Evening Lecture Series are selected by a committee composed of the MBL, Marlene Belfort, Wadsworth Institute, Paul De Weer, University of Pennsylvania, Hugh Ducklow, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gerald Fischbach, Simons Foundation Autism Project, Richard Harland, UC Berkeley, Tim Mitchison, Harvard University, Mitchell Sogin, MBL, Clare Waterman-Storer, Scripps Institute.

Suggestions for future Friday Evening Lecturers are welcome and may be sent to FEL@mbl.edu

FEL Podcasts

Date: Event:
06/22/07 Porter Lecture - Gary Borisy, Marine Biological Laboratory - "Opening Darwin's Black Box: The Reducible Complexity of How Cells Crawl"
06/29/07 Hugh Ducklow, Marine Biological Laboratory - "The Ice is Burning: Rapid Climate and Ecosystem Change on the Antarctic Peninsula"
07/06/07 Michael Dickinson, California Institute of Technology - "How Flies Fly"
07/13/07 Lee Niswander, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Howard Hughes Medical Institute - "Spina Bifida and Failure to Close the Neural Tube: Genetic Defects and Therapies"
A special lecture to commemorate the lives of Laura and Arthur Colwin
Forbes Lectures - Leonard K. Kaczmarek, Yale University School of Medicine - 7/19: "Control of Neuronal Timing by Sodium-Activated Potassium Channels"; 7/20: "Hear a Pin Drop and Smell a Rose: How the Brain Adjusts Sensitivity to Sensations"
07/27/07 Distinguished Alumni Lecture - Joseph Gall, Carnegie Institution of Washington - "Through the Looking Glass: 400 years of Cells and Microscopes"
08/03/07 Glassman Lecture - Joan Ruderman, Harvard Medical School - "Hormonally-Active Pollutants: Where Do They Come From and What Can They Do?"
08/10/07 Robert S. Langer, Massachusetts Insitute of Technology - "Biomaterials and How They Will Change Our Lives"
08/17/07 Craig Mello, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2006 Nobel Laureate - "Return to the RNAi World: Rethinking Gene Expression, Evolution and Medicine"
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