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The Neuroscience Institute of MBL: Neuroscience Seminars

Speck Auditorium, 8:00 PM. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Date: Event:

06/15/09 "Building Boutons and Moving Mitochondria" - Tom Schwarz, Children’s Hospital, Boston and Harvard Medical School

06/22/09 TBA - Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University

06/29/09 "Protein-protein interaction imaging across the synaptic cleft" - Alice Ting, MIT

07/06/09 "Mechanisms and Function of Spike Timing-Dependent Plasticity During Early Auditory Processing" - Thanos Tzounopoulos, UNiversity of Pittsburgh


"What the nose tells the bulb (something known); response in the bulb (mostly black hole); bulb output (black hole)" - Lawrence Cohen, Yale University


"Synapse formation and axon regeneration in C. elegans" - Yishi Jin, UCSD


"Epigenetic regulation of memory formation in health and disease" - Li-Huei Tsa, MIT


"Stem cells and their niche in the adult mammalian brain" - Fiona Doetsch, Columbia University

08/10/09 "Biochemical modulation of nociceptive circuits" - Mark Zylka, UNC School of Medicine

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