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The Neuroscience Institute of MBL: 2009 NeuroImaging Seminars

8:00 PM, Speck Auditorium, except when noted. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Date: Event:
06/25/09 Paul Selvin, University of Illinois, Chicago - “Working towards nerves: how molecular motors and ion channels work together”
07/02/09 Ryohei Yasuda, Duke University - "Visualization of biochemical signaling in single dendritic spines"
07/09/09 Phil Haydon, Tufts University - “Modulatory roles for astrocytes in synaptic plasticity and sleep”
07/16/09 David Julius, University of California, San Francisco - Forbes Lecture: “The molecular biology of thermosensation and pain” - lecture in Lillie Auditorium
07/23/09 Jeff Magee, Janelia Farm - “Circuit influences on input transformation by CA1 pyramidal neurons"
07/30/09 Stephen Smith, Stanford University - “Synapse classification for neural circuit reconstruction: the synaptome meets the connectome”
08/06/09 Jeff Lichtman, Harvard University - “Plumbing the connectome”
08/13/09 Bernardo Sabatini, Harvard University - “Neuromodulation in the striatum” - lecture in Lillie Auditorium
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