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The Neuroscience Institute of MBL: NeuroImaging Seminars

8:00 PM, Speck Auditorium, except when noted. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Date: Event:
06/16/11 Dave Piston, Vanderbilt - Protein-protein interactions and gap junction coupling in neuroendocrine secretion
06/23/11 Bill Ross, New York Medical College - Calcium waves and sparks in dendrites
06/30/11 Adam Cohen, Harvard - Imaging voltage: from E. coli to neurons
07/05/11 Ed Boyden, MIT - New tools for optogenetic analysis of complex neural circuits
07/14/11 Russell Fernald, Stanford - Social control of brain structure - Forbes Lecture: Lillie Auditorium
07/21/11 George Augustine, Duke-NUS, Singapore and KIST, Korea - Optogenetic mapping of brain circuitry
07/28/11 Lin Tian, Janelia Farm - Illuminating the language of neural networks
08/04/11 Hee-Sup Shin, KIST, Korea - Neural mechanisms of empathy behavior in the mouse
08/11/11 Judy Sng, SICS, Singapore - Tapping into epigenetics to reactivate adult ocular dominance plasticity

08/18/11 Les Loew, University of Connecticut - Non-linear and long wavelength optical probes of membrane potential
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