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The Neuroscience Institute of MBL:
2004 Neural Systems & Behavior Seminars

Whitman Auditorium, 8:00 PM, followed by a reception in Loeb 114.
Lectures are free and open to the public.

Date: Event:
6/23/04 "The Remarkable Giant Nerve Cells of Squid" - George Augustine, Duke University
6/30/04 "Accessories After the Fact: The Vomeronasal System and Terminal Nerve in Vertebrate Olfaction" - Heather Eisthen, Michigan State University
7/7/04 "Semaphorin1a Regulates the Transition from Growth Cone to Synapse in Drosophila" - Rodney Murphey, University of Massachusetts
7/14/04 "Tuning Neurons and Synapses to Make Stable Networks" - Eve Marder, Brandeis University
7/21/04 "Explorations of a Model Olfactory System" - John Hildebrand, University of Arizona. Note: this seminar will take place at 4:00 PM
7/28/04 "Processing of Odor-Evoked Patterns of Activity in the Olfactory Bulb” - Rainer Friedrich, Max-Planck-Institute Heidelberg
8/4/04 "The Mechanisms and Function of Spontaneous Correlated Activity in the Developing Mammalian Retina" - Marla Feller, University of California San Diego

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