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  Sensory ecology
  Sexual selection
  Fisheries, aquaculture & conservation
  Skin ultrastructure & neurobiology
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Senior Scientist Lab Members
Photo of Roger Hanlon
Roger Hanlon
Professor (MBL),
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Brown Univ
Photo of Lab Members
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Associate Scientist

Assistant Research Scientist

Adjunct Scientist
Photo of Alan Kuzirian
Alan Kuzirian
Photo of Lydia Mathger
Lydia Mäthger
Photo of C.C. Chiao
C-C Chiao
National Tsing Hua Univ.

Visiting Investigator

Research Associates
Photo of Charlie Chubb
Charlie Chubb
UC Irvine
Photo of Steve Senft
Steve Senft
Photo of Trevor_Wardill
Trevor Wardill

Post Docs
Photo of Robyn Crook
Robyn Crook
Photo of Paloma Gonzalez Bellido
Paloma Gonzalez Bellido
Photo of Liese Siemann
Liese Siemann

Research Assistants
Photo of George Bell
George Bell
Photo og Kendra C. Buresch
Kendra C. Buresch
Photo of Kimberly Ulmer
Kimberly Ulmer

Multimedia Producer
Web Master & Media Manager
Current Graduate Students
Photo of Basia Goszczynska
Basia Goszczynska
Photo of Justine Allen
Justine Allen
Brown Univ/MBL Joint PhD Program
Photo og Derya Akkaynak Yellin
Derya Akkaynak Yellin
MIT/WHOI Joint PhD Program

Major Collaborators
Photo of Thomas Cronin
Tom Cronin
Univ Maryland
Baltimore County
Photo of Jean Geary Boal
Jean Geary Boal
Millersville University, PA
Photo of Evelyn Hu
Evelyn Hu
Harvard University
Photo of Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall
University of Queensland, Australia
Photo of Naomi Halas
Naomi Halas
Rice University
Photo of Daniel E. Morse
Daniel E. Morse
UC Santa Barbara
Photo of Dan Nilsson
Dan-Eric Nilsson
Univ. of Lund, Sweden
Photo of Rajesh Naik
Rajesh Naik
Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton OH
Photo of Hanumant Singh
Hanu Singh
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Photo of Eric Wetzel
Eric Wetzel
Army Research Laboratory
Aberdean, MD

Photo of Rashid Zia
Rashid Zia
Brown University
Photo of Nadav Shashar
Nadav Shashar
Ben-Gurion University,

Former Postdocs:
Nuuttii Kangas (2001-2002)
Jennifer Basil(1999-2000), Scripps, CUNY, Brooklyn
Justin Grubich (2005-2006)
Emma Hatfield (1999-2000)
Mike Maxwell (1997-1998), University of San Diego
Nadav Shashar (1996-1998), Hebrew University
Jean Geary Boal (1993-1996)

Justine Allen, Brown University
Derya Akkaynak Yellin, MIT/WHOI
Alexandra Barbosa, Porto University, Portugal (2003-2008)
Robyn Crook, CUNY Brooklyn (2004-2008)
Marie Jose Naud, Flinders University, Australia (2000-2003)
Miranda Karson, Michigan State University (2000-2003)
Karina Hall, University of Adelaide, Australia (1999-2002)

Anya Watson, University of Connecticut (2008-2010)
Christopher Florio, Boston University
Melissa Grable, Boston University
Sophie Fern, Boston University

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