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photography & photomicrography contest

2010 MBL Photomicrography Contest Winners
2011 Contest Details:
Deadline, eligibility, rules
2011 Entry Form (pdf)
2011 Flyer (pdf)

2010 Judges:
Linda Martini, MBL
Chris Rieken, MBL/Zeiss
Greenfield “Kip” Sluder, University of Massachusetts

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Thank you to all who submitted entries to our 2010 photo contest. Below are the entries selected by our judges. Please click on "Image" for full sized photo, and "Details" for more information on each entry.

  • First Prize - Zeiss Conquest 8x30 Binoculars, water bottle, coffee mug, memory stick
  • Second Prize - Zeiss T-shirt, backpack, water bottle, memory stick
  • Third Prize - Zeiss notebook/pen set, water bottle, coffee mug, memory stick
  • Fourth Prize - Backpack, water bottle, LED keyring, mouse pad
  • Honorable Mentions (2) - coffee mug, microscope first aid kit, memory stick

First Place:
Albert Pan
MBL Zebrafish Course Teaching Assistant
"Brainbow Zebrafish Embryo"
Image | Details

Second Place:
Alexis Lomakin
MBL Physiology Course Teaching Assistant
"Visualizing Intracellular Transport Machinery in a Xenopus Melanophore"
Image | Details

Third Place:
David Graham
Cellular Dynamics Program, MBL
"Mite on Antenna"
Image | Details

Fourth Place:
Irina Arkhipova, Assistant Scientist, MBL
Michael Shribak, Associate Scientist, MBL
"Bdelloid Rotifer Philodina Roseola"
Image | Details

Honorable Mention:
David Koweek
Research Assistant, Ecosystems, MBL
"Limacina Bulimoides"
Image | Details

Honorable Mention 2:
Mark West
Special Course Leader, Neurostereology
"Hippocampal Neurons"
Image | Details

All images are the property of the MBL and may not be reproduced or distributed without the MBL's permission.